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There are many factors that determine how Google will rank your website. We all want to know when we can expect our return on investment, right? To better answer this question, it’s imperative to understand some of the primary Google ranking factors.

For starters, let’s not put the horse before the cart. It all starts with a proper coded website. Here is a quick list of things to consider before ordering an SEO package.

  1.  Make sure your website is mobile friendly. You can check using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Google prefers Mobile Friendly websites.
  2. Ensure all your copy is original and mentions your products and services. You’d be surprised at how many websites fail in this crucial step. Each page should be optimized for different keywords and phrases. For WordPress owners, we recommend Yoast SEO plugin.
  3. Ensure your meta-tags are optimized correctly. Use an H! tag with a descriptive keyword or phrase. Ensure your images have alt tag descriptions and link mentions of services to the proper pages in your website. It’s best to have an SEO Expert do this for you if you’re unsure how to do this.
  4. Add Google Analytics. It’s not so much of a ranking factor, but we notice Google indexes sites faster that do use it. It’s also a great way to understand your site traffic.
  5. Add a Google sitemap. Although Google is good at indexing sites without a sitemap, it really helps ensure they index all areas of your site properly.
  6. Add your site to Google console, formally Google Webmaster tools. You will receive information from Google to optimize your site and understand your traffic.
  7. Add a Google Business place listing if you’re a local business.
  8. Add Social Media links to site such as, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus etc…

Once the site is complete, you can run a quick audit using our SEO Audit Tool. This may catch anything you forgot to do. Now you’re ready for SEO!

Google no longer uses PR, but instead focus on obtain listing naturally from sites with high DA (Domain Authority).  I cannot stress enough the importance of high quality links.

So how long does it take to rank in Google?

Typically, we see results within the first 4 – 9 weeks, depending on the competitiveness of your industry. SEO is an investment and should be done right to avoid over optimization or poor quality links.

Finally, Google loves fresh content. Take advantage of this and write blogs on a regular basis. Write articles that your prospects would be interested in reading. Pay attention to details and catorgorize your posts accordingly ensuring you use tags and proper meta data. Share the posts on your social media sites.

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